This page is part of the plugin documentation for the WP Template Viewer plugin.

WordPress uses a concept of roles and capabilities, designed to give the site owner the ability to control what users can and cannot do within the site.

This plugin provides a custom capabilty “view_wp_template_viewer” that allows users to see the toolbar menu and file content. Use a plugin like Members to assign the capability to a role.


Let’s say, on a forum you wanted to give an untrusted user access to the toolbar menu and theme file content for troubleshooting.

Install and activate the Members plugin and create a new role “forum_user” at Users > Add New Role. Give this role the capability “read” and “view_wp_template_viewer”.


Create a new user “Forum User” at Users > Add New and give it the “forum_user” role.


Now you can safely provide the “Forum User” login credentials to the untrusted user.

Remove the user and role after troubleshooting has finished