Hi there,

Here are some of the WordPress plugins I created:

Related Posts by Taxonomy

Display related posts as thumbnails, links, excerpts or as full posts with a widget or shortcode. Posts with the most terms in common will display at the top.

WP Template Viewer

Ever wanted to take a quick look at a theme template file without opening an editor? Or wondered what template files were used to display the current page? This plugin displays all theme template file names in use for the current page in a toolbar menu.

Additional Content

Display additional content before or after post content in single post pages. Add content (for example shortcodes) on a post per post basis in the edit or publish Post screen. The additional content editor can be used with all public post types.

Date Pagination

Paginate posts by year, month or day in theme templates. It uses the native WordPress pagination functions for display of the pagination links.

Custom Post Type Date Archives

Add date archives to custom post types. WordPress only supports date archives for the post post type. With this plugin you can add date archive support for custom post types. Adds a archives and calendar widget where you can select the post type.

Custom Post Type Cleanup

A WordPress plugin to detect and delete posts from custom post types that are no longer in use. There are a lot of plugins that clean your database (by removing revisions, drafts etc.), but I haven’t found one that does a cleanup of unused post type posts.


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